• Bombardier Challenger 300 [FREEWARE]

    Hello pilots! Apologies for the delay. There have been many issues causing delay. With all issues from the update sorted out, most of the recent set backs have to do with work, and editing the aircraft xml files to get buttons and switches to work. I struggled and spent countless hours doing my research. Sounds simple enough to get these components to work but it was a huge learning curve for me.

    Below, on the arm rest, you will see my latest problem I’ve faced. The lighting inside the aircraft has this weird grainy effect that I can’t explain. It is very amplified as the airplane flies through the sky. But it is normal in overcast skies. No matter what I do I can’t seem to find the cause of the issue. I’m sure I could release the aircraft now as is, issues and all. But with the high demand, and being an individual developer, i am doing what I can with the time I have to resolve any major problems before the release.

    This weeks schedule is light for me, so I will have much more time to get this out there ASAP! I appreciate you all for the patience!

    If any developer is having success using Blender 3.1 and can help me with this lighting issue, I would appreciate it. I am using the latest Blender2MSFS toolkit with it.

    Safe flying everyone!!!!!

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